• Paw Patrol have been walking my dog Merlot for the past year or more and I have been over the moon with the service they provide.

    Cassie and Mike care for Merlot as if he were their own and consider his safety and wellbeing at all times. I completely trust them.

    Merlot loves the integration with the other dogs, and he absolutely loves Cassie and Mike.

    Paw Patrol run a flawless, extremely professional, yet friendly service and I would not hesitate the recommend them to anyone.

    Jennie Rutter - Arlingham
    Creative Director
  • I have two beautiful dogs who are my life, so when I couldn’t walk my dogs as much as I once could it caused me much distress and guilt as my staffy would give me those puppy dog eyes and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go for a run.

    I must mention that I am disabled and in a wheelchair due to a spinal injury 23 years ago. Last year I suffered with a bad case of pneumonia meaning I was in hospital for about 2 weeks. After this experience I knew that I had to take care as and when I could go out for a walk.

    I was with great relief when I found Mike from five valleys dog walking service. I have 2 dogs who both require different types of walks, my collie loves to play with all dogs and loves to get dirty playing with the other 2 dogs on the walk, whereas my staffy loves the close human contact and is not such a fan of other dogs. With Mike it has been possible to give both of my dogs exactly what they need as dogs. My collie gets the joy and fun of playing with new and different dogs and my staffy gets his structured walk whilst having other dogs around in a safe environment as Mike insists on 4 dogs maximum per walk.

    My staffy has developed a special relationship with Mike through trust and love. My staffy is a rescue dog and has been attacked in the past by both men and dogs, therefore was very wary and fearful of men and very protective of me (the only male in his life that loved him). In their time together my staffy has come to learn to trust more, his excitement is something to behold every time Mike arrives.

    As I mentioned earlier I am disabled and it is not always possible for me to get the dogs ready when a dog Walker arrives, with the trusting relationship I have with Mike has eliminated this worry as Mike will pick up the dogs and bring them back without me needing to be there.

    This alleviates the stress and worry of being in or being ready on time, it also means I can enjoy the odd lay in and know that my boys are having fun.

    We have also agreed on a time when not to arrive meaning that I can have this time to walk my dogs or play In the garden weather depending.

    All in all I would say that both myself and my boys Bouncer and Sweep are very happy to have found Mike and has helped us enjoy our time together.

    Neil Francis - Cashes Green
  • Yippee it’s Paw Patrol!  Happy Dog and grateful customer.

    Dianne Benson, Hardwicke
  • Mike and Cassie stepped in when I broke my ankle and was unable to exercise my exuberant Staffordshire Bull Terrier, each time that my dog was due a walk they rang, so I knew who was coming in through the door, he had a really good run, which he needed and I was confident that he was under control whilst out walking.

    I can only say thank you for taking the pressure off whilst I was out of action and would be happy to use Five Valleys Dog Walking in the future if it became necessary.


    Julie Saysell - Stonehouse
    Production Manager
  • Our 18 month old Vizsla Luka has been walked by Mike for a year and I don’t know what we’d do without him.

    We were impressed by Mike from the outset when he made an appointment to meet us and Luka to assess his personality and needs and to see which other dogs on the ‘books’ would be a suitable match for his age, temperament and energy levels to walk with.
    When Luka returns from his walk, we have a full report and we return home to a dog who has clearly thoroughly enjoyed himself and is tired – wonderful!!! What is also evident is the mutual affection they have for each other, Luka absolutely loves Mike and he gets so excited when he hears his van pulling up.
    We can’t recommend Paw Patrol highly enough
    Maggie and Mike, Ebley
  • A few years ago I was struggling to walk my dogs, I contacted Paw Patrol to ask for help…Mike came around and met my boys (Bob and Dave), I must admit I was a little worried as my dogs are very lively and Bob also had some issues with other dogs due to being attacked, Mike assured me that all would be fine.

    He started taking them on solo walks and would sometimes take his own dog along so Bob would get used to being around other dogs, after a short while he was ready for group walks! I have been so pleased with the service and the way they treat my boys. They always have their best interests in mind and have become a big part of their lives. Sadly I am in the process of moving from the area so they won’t be able to carry on with the walks but we will definitely keep in touch.

    Thanks again to Mike, Cassie and Sophie for all your help, and for walking them rain or shine! You will be sadly missed.

    Emma Spelman - Quedgeley
  • Thank you for everything.  We are really pleased with the service that you provide.

    We especially love your written Dog reports, these are brilliant and lovely to read.

    Janine & Danny - Whitminster
  • Dear Mike & Cassie,

    We just wanted to write to thank you both so much for looking after our 2 Boys so well and the support and kindness you extended to us as a family in our difficult times.


    We are sad that we have had to change our Doggie Day Care arrangements but leaving a 10 month old puppy at home all day when he’s been used to company is no longer viable, as our garden would become an excavation site!


    We wish you every success with your business and hope that we can keep in touch or maybe even bump into you out walking.  Should anyone ever need any reassurance about  the service that you provide then we are more than happy for them to contact us.


    Many thanks & kind regards

    Martin & Liane - Arlingham
    Operations Director & Accountant